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Retailers’ Disappointment Following Plain Packaging Decision

3rd April, 2014 - Shopkeepers from the Tobacco Retailers’ Alliance have expressed their disappointment following the Government’s decision to conduct a further consultation with the intention to introduce standardised cigarette packaging. The decision came following a review carried out on behalf of the Government by Sir Cyril Chantler.

Debbie Corris, National Spokeswoman of the Tobacco Retailers’ Alliance and a Whitstable shopkeeper commented:

“It is extremely disappointing that the Government has decided to proceed with a further consultation with the intention of introducing plain packaging. If plain packaging is introduced, it would play into the hands of smugglers who would be able to produce copies of the standardised packaging more easily. And unlike retailers like me, smugglers do not mind the age of their customers. So the very people under 18 that the Government is trying to protect would have greater access to tobacco than ever before. 


The Budget: Tobacco - Reaction From Retailers

19th March, 2014 - Tobacco retailers across the UK have expressed disappointment that tax on tobacco will increase by 2% above inflation following today’s Budget.

The Tobacco Retailers’ Alliance (TRA), which represents 26,000 shopkeepers across the UK, campaigns to raise awareness of the link between high tobacco tax and tobacco smuggling.